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Driving growth: AI strategies for retail marketers

7TH JUNE 2023
The Bard Building, London

About the event

Join speakers from Croud, Microsoft and Meta, for a breakfast event on 7th June, where we'll explore what the AI revolution means for retail marketing.

The retail landscape currently is challenging to say the least, with soaring costs, more limited access to data, an ever-changing advertising landscape, and less brand-loyal shoppers.

So it's more important than ever for brands and retailers to identify ways in which to drive efficiency and performance, and get the most out of their marketing investment.

Enter AI.

In this breakfast event, we'll explore: 

  • The AI revolution: What the rapid development of AI means for retail marketers - and the practical ways in which AI can elevate your marketing activity.
  • AI-driven discovery: How Meta is applying AI and machine learning to help shoppers discover new products, showing the most relevant ads whilst respecting user privacy.
  • AI-powered tools: The tools Microsoft and Meta are building to help drive better performance for advertisers.
  • AI for localisation: The opportunities (and limitations) of AI-generated content and localisation, diving into Croud’s recently launched ChatGPT report.

Key event details:

We welcome questions in advance of the session and will cover as many of these as we can during the Q&A session.

Please note, this event is open to brand side marketers and senior executives only.

Croud London office


The speakers

james murray
James Murray
Megan Green
Ben Bolger
Ben Bolger

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