Croud report: The professional gig economy

Only 3 in 10 full-time employees feel their job makes them happy. What would improve things for them? The overwhelming answer is more time and freedom. The gig economy not only provides employees with more control and flexibility over the way they work, but also gives employers access to a greater talent pool and a sharper competitive edge.

With the gig economy evolving at speed, and more and more industries embracing the opportunities it has to offer, how can employers and employees successfully get on board? In this report, we explore the rise of the professional gig economy, enabled by technology - and the opportunities it offers businesses and workers alike.

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  • Find out about the latest trends and predictions for the gig economy
  • Discover practical benefits of professional gig-working, including case studies
  • Get some tips and insight on how to make the most of the gig economy

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