Explore the importance, benefits and best practices to server-side tagging

With the privacy landscape facing many changes in recent years, advertisers have had to navigate through increased restrictions around privacy, data collection and reporting. While most of the industry is currently using client-side tag management solutions, server-side tagging offers marketers a more seamless way to collect data while respecting the privacy of users and complying with data regulations.

Croud's guide to server-side tagging explores how advertisers can leverage this new way of using Google Tag Manager to build a future-facing approach towards data and privacy.

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  • Understand the ins and outs of server-side tagging, and how it differs from conventional tagging
  • Discover how advertisers can leverage server-side tagging to future-proof their data collection with less vulnerability
  • Uncover the key challenges faced when implementing server-side tagging, such as the cost and trust in data
  • Explore the benefits of implementing server-side tagging into your workflow
  • And more

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